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Time to get varied

An interesting word, especially when it is applied to training, nutrition and many other things actually.
What is variability in nutrition?
Well, say you know your calorie goal for the day (TDEE), you can vary the foods you consume to hit that goal, you can play with the macros to hit that goal.
Essentially you can create daily change to avoid boredom and improve sustainability.
Chicken & broccoli everyday?
Nope, you can have tuna and broccoli too 🤗😂
Many see nutrition as dull and repetitive.
Ironically if you look at the most successful they often eat the same things rather regularly, at pretty much the same times too.
Now this might be what you need to do, if you have an ultra specific goal, however if that’s not the case then you can vary your food choices and macro splits to your hearts content.
Who said nutrition was dull, eh?
So now we’ve looked at a brief example of variability in nutrition, it’s time to cover training.
We shall take one aspect today to look at.
Training time.
Many go in at the same time and spend the exact same length of time in the gym, each and every time.
Is this bad?
Of course not, however it can become monotonous and cause issues with adherence.
You don’t NEED to do 60min every session.
Being a sentient creature of the world you can vary your training times to your hearts content, here are some examples, say you train 5 days a week:
Day 1 – 45min – Heavy Loads
Day 2 – 60min – Moderate Loads
Day 3 – off
Day 4 – 20min – Heavy Loads
Day 5 – 40min – Light Loads
Day 6 – 20min – Moderate Loads
Day 7 – off
Get the idea?
Breaking away from the dogmatic view that you NEED to be in the gym for a specific amount of time will help you make progress.
If you have a set amount of things to get done and you do it in 35min, great, you’re done, now go home.
Do what you need to do, no more, no less, just what is required.
Perhaps it takes you 75min to get it all done, again this is fine, however perhaps the next time you might chop off a little volume and get in and out in 45min instead.
This is of course one element of variability that can be applied in training, we shall cover more soon.
Any question, pop them below.

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