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The Fellowship of Fitness

It’s not uncommon for people to say that fitness is a journey.
Certainly fair to say.
What is often left out is this piece of information:
Fitness is a journey that doesn’t really have an end.
We can always do better.
We can always give a little more.
We can always try harder.
We can always find something that needs improving.
We can always grown as a person, always.
Having multiple milestones over a lifetime is what some may argue to be the best way to life.
To spend given amounts of time specialising until you’ve gotten all you need from that aspect, then you gracefully move on to something new.
One thing that has been noticed is the 3year cycle.
In classical terms it’ as follows:
“To live a happy life, every three years you should either change your house, your job or your partner.”
You’d be surprised how many people do change one of those three things every three years.
Best not try and change all three at the same time.
That’d be costly.
Perhaps you can apply this to fitness.
If we pick three things to change they might be these:
– Your goal
– Your gym
– Your coach/trainer
Just a thought.
The principle of Kaizen – continuous improvement.
A worthy thing to learn about because it doesn’t just mean improving one element or aspect of life, it means fining ways to keep improving a great many things.
Why do do it today?
Pick something to change, then set the end date three years from now and give it your all, or don’t, choice is yours.

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