Success, what they don’t tell you

We have those who do, those who don’t, and everyone else.
Where do you fall?
Morning All,
Have you ever wondered why some people succeed where others fail?
What is the reason for it.
Is it because of their upper hand starting in life, the people they associate with, good luck or perhaps some divine intervention?
It might be some or all of those reasons, or maybe, just maybe it could be the simple truth that they just wanted it more then everyone else.
Have you ever considered that?
When it comes to achievement this is often how it looks:
Initial success
Initial praise
Initial praise fades
Plateaus begin to appear
Get ready butter cup things are about to get hard
Dues paid for the require amount of time
More dues paid
A few more dues
The last couple of dues
Long term life changing success
The part people forget to tell you is that to achieve anything you need to be prepared to work for it and this important little gem:
Now it’s fair to say that not everyone will survive, that’s just a sad truth. Did you know that sometimes paying your dues can take you a lifetime, just something to remember. 
This is where some introspection is required.
Do you have what it takes to weather the storm and do what needs to be done or not?
If the answer is ‘you don’t’ it’s okay, put that endeavour to bed and move on, not everyone is meant to succeed after all.
However, if you’re that rare individual who knows they can survive and do what needs to be done then you brave the storm, then once you’ve given all you have you come out the other side and are welcomed/rewarded for your efforts.
Congratulations, you succeeded.
I would love to say that everyone will succeed, I can’t, they won’t.
Which side will you end up on?
The one looking to the horizon of wishes and dreams or the one who makes it past the horizon and sees what the other side has to offer?
Your choice.

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