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How to make progress: Part 7 – Individual Difference.

The final part, the one many have been waiting for, time to hail the snowflake and make things ultra specific to each person.
Well… Not quite.
Individual difference doesn’t quite mean super specific exercises for all, although some changes will need to be made if there is past injury etc. What is means is the way people may set up to an exercise due to lever length, bio-mechanics and so on.
This is where hiring a good coach comes in to play because they will help you find the correct form for YOU, they can also help add in some extra alternatives and maybe even a little spice to keep your workouts interesting (with the base exercises as staples that is).
The reason this is the last thing int he progression ladder is simple, most people don’t need massive amounts of variation because they’re not ready for it yet, they need consistency, hard graft and time under the bar, the fancy stuff is reserved for people who are close to or at their natural genetic limit – often someone who’s trained for 10+ years and mastered the basics, if this ins’t you, stick to the simple stuff for now.
Work hard, pay your dues, stay consistent and results will be yours.

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