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How to make progress: Part 6 – Phase Potentiation

Sounds technical, so what is it?
Put simply it’s the realisation of all the hard work you’ve put in leading up to a comp or end game goal. Some also call it ‘peaking’.
As you look back at your specific goal you can see what you need to specifically focus from month to month to create the optimal sequence to gain maximum results.
For example, say your goal is to lift a heavier 1RM.
You start off with perhaps base skill work (if needed), you then move on to hypertrophy and hypertrophy only, this will help you build the bigger muscles that can potentially produce more force. That’s phase one.
After this you will look to strength training, now you will start to teach those muscles to generate that extra potential force, this is phase two.
Next on the list might be specific strength training (peaking), now you’re purely focusing on the lift and perhaps little else so you can work towards that goal of lifting more. You’ll again be hoping the new muscle learn to generate maximal force, that’s phase three.
You will have some deloads/voume reductions etc to help combat fatigue and aid progress, however will all the foundational work you’ve now laid you can get ready to test your new max.
That is how phase potentiation works.
You go from a starting point and follow a logical order in your mesocycles to allow you to hit your goal in the most effective way, simple.
Think of it like building a pyramid, the bigger/broader the foundation, the more layers there will be and the higher the peak can potentially be.
Apply the to your training and watch your results soar.

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