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Not made progress in a while?

A lack of progress can be frustrating.
It is also something that’s extremely common among a great many people who frequently visit the gym.
The biggest question should be why, which would then be swiftly followed by some reflective thought on the matter.
Taking the time to look back at your training/nutrition can give you a great insight in to why progress has ground to a halt or potentially even slipped backwards.
Here is what you might find:
– Training volume hasn’t increased
– Training volume has increased too much
– Intensity hasn’t increased
– Intensity has increased too much
– You’re under eating
– You’re over eating
Basically you will know that something is to right because progress has stopped, how you use this information is what will make the difference between getting the ball rolling again and staying where you are.
I’ve seen plenty of people spin their wheels when they stop moving forwards. They assume that they must keep doing everything they were doing, in addition to adding in new stimuli and I can tell you from painful experience that this is not a winning formula.
If we look at the hierarchy of things this is what we get (in regards to training), most important to least important:
– Specificity
– Overload
– Fatigue Management
– Stimulus:Recovery:Adaptation
– Variation
– Phase Potentiation
– Individual Difference
What do they all mean?
– Are you doing what you need to be doing for your goal
– Are you taking the muscles to the point they require a need to adapt
– Are you doing the right amount of work (not too much)
– Are you sure you’re doing the first 3?
– Extra options on exercises to help progress
– Peaking & periodisation
– Some individual tweaks for you to be 100% on it
Most people spend a lot of time in the latter end of this list which is why they don’t really progress. This is the minutia, the first three points are the majority and need the most attention.
Have you ever said or heard someone say this: “I just don’t know what to do in my workout” – progress is sadly very dull, fancy exercise variations are no substitute for overload (increasing volume, intensity, density, frequency), yet if people don’t get novel stimulus to appease their short attention span they feel the workout is useless, they couldn’t be more wrong.
I’m going to cover each of the principles above in detail over the upcoming posts, if you can’t wait hat long I suggest buying the book ‘The Scientific Principles of Strength Training’ you’ll get this information there too.
Nutrition will be covered as well.
Before we go toady I’m going to ask you to do something, not for me but for yourself.
Look back at your training in recent times, have you been doing what you NEED to be doing, honestly?
Take some time to reflect and assess what’s going on.
More info tomorrow.

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