Take my strong hand!

Are you uneven?
While the pursuit of strength is the most important element of many good training programs there is a lot to be said for being aesthetically balanced.
Apart from looking symmetrical you’ll also be more protected from injury.
Typically you’ll find people have one strong and one weak side (often the hand the write with gets more development), this can lead to overall muscle imbalance which starts to take you down the winding road towards of poor posture.
It’s not uncommon to hear this little gem:
“I can do 10 reps with this weight on this arm but only 5 on my other one.”
Now since common sense has long since vanished from our world you’ll find people laugh at this and continue to work the stronger side harder than the weaker one because their idiots.
A nice tip I give people in response to this statement is this:
“Start with your weaker arm and max out the reps, them match it on your stronger one.”
This is often followed by confusion as they say ‘but I can do more on that arm.”, due inevitable face palm.
Aside from matching reps on both sides it’s also a good idea to use unilateral movements to even up muscle/strength imbalances.
Here are some examples:
– Dumbbell Pressing
– Dumbbell Rowing
– Lunges
– Single Leg Deadlifts
– Single Arm Pulldowns
You get the idea.
While it is true you won’t replace compound movements (bilateral) in terms of getting the most out of your workouts, it can be useful to add in periods where you focus on some unilateral movements as accessory work to help even out those lagging areas.

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