Spot reducing fat

Fat storage, such an annoying thing.
However there is something that is even worse, thinking you can spot reduce it.
You can’t, that’s not how fat loss works.
It’s very common for people to complain about unsightly/excessive fat in certain areas of the body.
The most common being in the following areas:
– Stomach
– Hips
– Thighs
– Arms
If you ask someone who has less than a clue you will get a potential answer that sounds like this:
“Tricep work will help reduce that, try some kick backs to help tone and shift the fat.”
“You need to do crunches, side bends and leg raises to get a flat stomach.”
No, just no. In fact all the no. If someone tells you this they’re an idiot put simply.
Sadly we can’t spot reduce fat with exercise, the only thing that can remove fat for a specific place is liposuction.
It is common for people to say they are happy with certain body parts and only want to focus on others, which is a very misguided way of thinking because the body works best as an entire unit and you’d also look silly with muscle in one part of your body but nowhere else.
Always aim to take a balanced approach to training.
Men, train your lower half as much as you train your upper half.
Ladies, train your upper half as much as you train your lower half.
As for fat loss please understand this simple fact, it comes of where it wants to come off based on your bodies individual genetic makeup and hormonal profile, sadly you can’t pick and choose. Now you might not like to hear that, however that doesn’t stop it from being how things work, sorry. 
Here are three things you should be doing for all around fat loss and improvement in your body composition.
1 – Train your muscles equally (split days or whole body days)
2 – Interval style training where you get your heart rate over 85%
3 – Achieve a caloric deficit and eat whole foods

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