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Easy Nutrition Part 2

How to make meals in 3 easy steps.
Be warned, many won’t agree, yet after seeing it work time and again it’s worth consideration.
“Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify, simplify.” – Henry David Thoreau
One “simplify” would have been enough.
~R.W. Emerson, in response to Thoreau.
A brilliant quote and an even better response, who says the people of yesteryear had no sense of humour.
Okay, so how can you make the dreaded ‘meal prep’ or even ‘meal making’ not only effective, healthy but importantly simple.
After all, not everyone has endless amounts of time to make the perfect 5 star meal, but something that helps us achieve our goal is good enough.
Step 1 – Fill your cupboards with whole foods and remove as much processed food as possible, within reason.
Step 2 – Based on 3 meals per day example.
– Breakfast: High fat/ moderate to high Protein/ a dash of carbs, eating like a king, so perhaps Salmon, Eggs, Avocado , Spinach, Yoghurt + Berries and a nice glass of water.
– Lunch: Moderate fat/ moderate to high protein/ moderate carbs, eating like a prince, maybe a chicken & bacon salad with some vegetable sushi and a glass of water.
Workout after lunch but before dinner in this example.
– Dinner: A dash of fat/ moderate to high protein/ high carb, eating like a pauper, you might find this appetising, sea food curry with rice and steamed veg, followed by a small portion of what you enjoy such as a bowel of frozen yoghurt with mixed berries.
Step 3 – Ignore step 2, it’s not gospel because it’s only an example and should be seen as such. While the premise of eating like a King, Prince, Pauper is a good one for most people who lead an ‘average life’ – 2.4 kids, 9-5 job, trains 3xpw etc, it’s a simple frame work to help you find a starting point. From this point you must learn that YOU need to adapt your nutrition to suit your life/goal accordingly.
That’s how you achieve successful nutrition.
What you will find is that protein work well form most people in a moderate to high amount, fat usually comes in second and takes the lead over carbs for people who are not highly active (training anaerobically 3+times per week. Lastly we have carbs, delicious carbs that are easy to consume however you need to earn them though activity, the less active you are the less you need, truth people don’t want to hear.
The biggest problem people face is they fact that they want to be sheep and told exactly what to do so that if something goes wrong it’s not their fault.
You don’t owe your health or how you look to anyone other than yourself. However if you need help be sure to ask for it, there is nothing wrong with wanting support, in fact I’d encourage you seek it because in the early stages a coach/trainer can help you stay on the right path until you’re ready to go it alone.
Fill your meals with whole foods for the most part, you’ll find that the more you eat this way the less you crave the highly refined stuff.
There is a place for some intricacies and complexities, but for the average person it’s usually not needed. Adherence is the first step, after that you can go deeper in to the rabbit hole if you want to learn just how far it goes. 
Nutrition isn’t hard, it’s made hard by people trying to sell you something, remember that.

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