Easy Nutrition Part 1

“Eat meat for strength & vegetables for health.” – Pavel Tsatsouline.

A good quote that gives you a fairly accurate description of what should for the base of all your nutritional needs.

Over time we’ve made nutrition overly complicated.

Macros, fasting, refeeds, carb loading, intuitive eating and more. Is it any wonder people become frustrated?

If there is one thing I’ve picked up over the years it is this; people want to be told what to eat, how much of it to eat and when to eat it. No one want to make the decisions for themselves, that’s too much responsibility and would also mean they have to take some of the blame if things don’t work.

The above is why so many fad diets are still popular when a lot of people know that to succeed in their goal they will have a more likely chance if their diet consists of mostly whole foods such as meat & veg.

I am not saying that setting macros and planning refeeds don’t have a place because they do, however unless you’re at a point in your training journey where you’re looking to compete in a sport or step on stage you won’t need this level of detail.

It is important that people understand the need for a calorie deficit or surplus depending on their goal and how these can be achieved by simply making a daily note of what you’ve eaten, this way portion sizes can be played with, more whole foods can be added and a holistic approach can be taken.

What is so beneficial about a holistic approach in nutrition?

It teaches people to become self aware, accountable and understand their own body as an individual. As also mentioned above, if people then decided to take things further macros/micros/etc can be added and explained over time so it’s not information overload.

Based on the above, here is a short bullet point guide to help you get started:

– Eat Meat & Veg
– Always opt for whole foods over processed ones
– Write down what you eat each day
– Make adjustments based on what you see in the mirror and how you feel/perform
– If help is needed hire a coach

I will pop up a post tomorrow with some more simple breakdowns of certain tricky nutrition elements that trip people up. For today, take away this message “Eat meat for strength & vegetables for health.” – this is the base of your nutrition, we’ll cover more tomorrow.



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