2 Gems of Wisdom

I was reading ‘can you go’ by Dan John last night.
It’s not a bad read, some nice simple advice and it also gives you a way to see things in a broader perspective when it comes to fitness/nutrition and goal setting.
Two things in particular have stood from the pages turned last night.
The first point:
– If you only had 3 slots of 15min to work out each week to help you achieve your goal, what would you do?
A very interesting point to make.
The premise behind it was to help people see what was not only necessary but more importantly essential to achieving success.
Now you will get a lot of people who immediately jump up and down saying things like “I can;t even warm up in that time.” or “I’d do nothing, it wouldn’t be worth it.” – both of which are actually valid points, however that’s not the purpose of the question.
The purpose is one of gaining clarity and prioritising what a person NEEDS to do sos that they actually improve, over what they WANT to do.
So who would you use those three 15min slots?
For me it would be something like this:
Workout 1:
A1 – Squat
A2 – Kettlebell Clean & Press with Load Carry walk
Workout 2:
A1 – Deadlift
A2 – Weighted Dip
Workout 3:
A1 – Clean & Jerk
A2 – Weighted Pull Up
1-6 reps depending on the how I felt and crack out as many rounds of each pairing as possible in those 15min.
A follow-up from the above.
Given what you have just written down, are you doing those things and if not, why not?
Surely you should be doing them if they are that important, right…
The second point is a nice simple one.
– The first step to success is showing up. The second is continuing to show up.
A humble lesson in consistency.
Let’s say, like above, you can only do 3x15min sessions, if you kept showing up for all of them for an extended period of time you’d get better results in the long run than someone who train intermittently and you’d immediately get better results than those who never start.
As a species we are actually quite lazy, don’t worry though, it’s a survival mechanism. We always look to find an easier more productive way to do something, so it’s not all bad because it’s helped us survive over the years.
When it comes to the journey of lifting, life & nutrition however, you need to have absolute adherence and plan the coming days accordingly.
So tell me, what would you do in your 3x15min sessions a week?

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