Mindless minutia

Morning All,

Over the years Ive tried to share lot’s of info that covers various different aspects ranging from nutrition, lifting, health, mindset and more.

Some of the most important lessons I’ve learnt and tried to share sadly get missed among all the other content, for a spiel reason too.

The stuff that works isn’t sexy.

There are no flashy titles, not catchy phrases or set/rep schemes, no fancy exercises or hybrid movements to showoff and for that reason people might take a quick glance but will largely ignore the lessons and messages in the words.

In all the time I’ve spent in the world of fitness so far there are three truths that always come back around, no matter ho hard people try to ignore them.

The are:

  1. Work hard for results
  2. Consistency is king
  3. You’re the problem

Now many might not agree with the last one, but it’s true. We are quick to blame any and everything else and while we can seek  help from external sources such as trainers, coaches and alike, it’s down to us to do what needs to be done because put simply, no one els tis going to do it for you.

A lot of people get caught up in the minutia.

  • How many exact sets/reps should I do
  • What precise loads must be used
  • If eating this carb should I time it with this protein and consume it 53.5 minutes after a workout for optimal gains

Blah blah blah blah blah

The list goes on.

I can understand why people want short cuts, we all do, but sometimes there just aren’t any or at least none that will provide a lasting result and that seems to be the hardest part for people to accept.

The little things, while important later down the line tend to serve no real purpose in the initial stages of people journeys in the word of fitness for one simple reason, they’re not ready of them yet. They’re not strong in the basic human movement patterns/exercises, nor are they making optimal choices in their nutrition (eating whole foods etc), they are so fixated on the specifics that they miss the big picture and spend large chunks of time faffing about not achieving much. We’re all guilty of it, myself especially.

In our modern world we are in a rush to make things as complicated as possible because complicated is perceived as better, this is usually not the case.

Ask yourself, have you made things (lifting/nutrition) overly complicated?

Next, take a look at what you’re doing and see if it is necessary or not, if it’s not then remove it.

Here is a place to start if you need some guidelines for your workouts:

  • Keep a training dairy to track progress
  • Train 2-4 times per week covering the whole body in that time
  • Pick 3 exercises per session (compound lifts are top trumps)
  • Perform 25-50 reps per exercise
  • Focus on adding weight when you hit the top end of the reps
  • Rest as much as needed but as little as possible
  • Keep sessions to 45-60min

Some tips for nutrition:

  • Keep a diary
  • Eat according to the goal you have (fat loss or muscle gain)
  • The majority of what you eat should be whole foods
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Be consistent

That’s pretty much it, you could stick with these basics for a very long time and make great progress.

Try not to worry about the finer details, not yet anyway.

Enjoy, Ross


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