How to train full body in 8 moves – Sage advice from a random lifter

It’s easy for people to get caught up in looking for eldest variations of lifts, usually to ensure they hit all the muscle fibres from every angle.
…. Sigh….
Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly a time and a place for extra variations of lifts, however for most people they are not yet needed.
A long time ago a wise and rather large lifter once dropped this statement that changed the way things were seen –
“You spend too much time faffing about, no offence intended but you’re not strong enough to warrant doing that many isolation movements. You aren’t earn the right or build a base of muscle from solid lifting and compound movements. Stick with these for a solid 6 months and see who you go, if it works then great, if it doesn’t you can go back to with you were doing.” *Writes down a program with set/rep ideas.
Here is what was given:
Day 1 – Pressing/Pulling
Day 2 – Squatting/Hinging
Day 3 – Off
Day 4 – Pressing/Pulling
Day 5 – Off
Day 6 – Hinging/Squatting
Day 7 – Off
A standard 7 day split with 4 training sessions per week, 2 upper and 2 lower.
Here were the exercises:
Legs: Squat & front squat
Back: Deadlift/Stiff Leg & bent over row
Chest: Bench press & incline press
Shoulders: Military press & high pull/upright row
Arms: Dips or close-grip press, chins and/or some curls
Pretty simple.
They were organised them in to the following:
Day 1 – Pressing/Pulling
A1 – Military Press
A2 – Chin Up
B1 – Incline Press
B2 – Curl
Day 2 – Squatting/Hinging
A1 – Squat
B1 – Deadlift – Stiff Leg – Light
Day 3 – Off
Day 4 – Pressing/Pulling
A1 – Bench Press
A2 – Bent Over Row
B1 – Dips
B2 – Upright Row
Day 5 – Off
Day 6 – Hinging/Squatting
A1 – Deadlift – Heavy
B1 – Front Squat
Day 7 – Off
The advice was to aim for 30 reps to start and build to 50 reps per movement on average including light deadlift which was more a stiff leg variation explained, 15-25 for heavy deadlift.
Personally I’d also chuck in some planks and calf raises as well at the end of each session.
“Add weight where you can, if you can add weight add reps, once you hit the target then add weight, simple.”
Now this is nothing magical but it worked and is certainly worth a try.


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2 responses to “How to train full body in 8 moves – Sage advice from a random lifter

  1. This looks great. I enjoy the simplicity of workout regimens like this. Far too often programs have dozens of movements in them, providing no real gains and people just stop. Thanks for sharing this.

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    • Always happy to share info.

      In terms of Rep ranges and loading a good place to start is 3-6 if strength is the goal and 6-8 for a touch more size. If you work to having 1-2 reps left in the tank you will do well.


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