Why people hate leg day

Typically leg day is avoided for one if not all of these reasons:

  • Feigned injury
  • The lifter is weak in the squat technically & physically
  • Laziness

Now there are times where people will have legitimate reasons not to train legs, however for the most part people skip them because they’re being pansies.

Now you must understand that leg day is a hard day, especially once you get strong, it’s a gruelling process but anyone who’s anyone digs deep and hammer it out.

In an ideal world you will train your lower body twice per week with compound movements, for the most part. Sitting on machines faffing about does little for you.

Here are two simple lower body workouts that will give you the best bang for your buck and add well needed mass to your legs, if you’re one of the many who doesn’t train them that is.

Lower Body 1

A1 – Squat 10×6 + 50 rep back off set (hit 50 reps with 80% of 5rep weight in as few sets as possible)

A2 – Hamstring Curl 10×6 + 50 rep back off – as above.

Lower Body 2

A1 – Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlift 10×5

B1 – Prowler or Hill Sprints 15min repeated efforts until time elapse

Nothing fancy, just good old fashion hard work and trust me, it will be hard and you’ll want to stop which you can so long as you’re okay living with failure.

Enjoy, Ross


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