If you’ve never lifted weights, these starting exercises will help you begin your journey.

Morning All,
Starting out in the weight room can be hard, there are endless exercises to choose from. Below is a list to help you get started and the reasons why.
Top 6 exercises to start with:
– Front Squat
– Incline Press
– Chest Supported Row
– Seated Over Head Extension
– Seated Bicep Curl
– Plank
Apart from the Front Squat, all the other exercises can be done with dumbbells by people of any experience level.
Why those?
Front Squats help groove a good squat pattern, back squats can be quite technical for most due to the mass of the weight changing the angle their torso will be at. You avoid this with FS, while the front rack might be hard to hold, it’s worth learning sooner rathe than later.
Incline press, if you didn’t know, is the easiest pressing movement to learn because you have to have correct form or you simply can’t perform the movement. Think about it, if your elbows don’t stay in line with your wrists and you don’t pull your shoulder blades back as you descend you won’t press it. When this is correct you press up in a straight line, if not you won’t be able to lift anything, poor mechanics won’t allow it.
This move also stops you going too heavy and forces good form, unlike flat bench or overhead press (both great movements) which can be subject to power leakage.
Chest supported row, why this over bent over row or chin/pull up? Well when it comes to hold the correct posture for a B-O-R that takes time to learn, no to mention there can and often is a lot of added momentum that creeps in. As for chins, not everyone is strong enough to pull their own weight up from day 1, if they were I’d have both exercises in there.
Overhead extension & bicep curls, two back movements that everyone can do, they are simply the flexion and extension of the elbow. The seated curls will help reduce momentum and cheating, to a point. The overhead extension when performed seated will again reduce the chance of from breaking. Both exercises are good places to start to build up to better things.
Lastly we have a plank, everyone loves a plank. It teaches core bracing, diaphragmatic breathing and requires very little thought process to do correctly. They also help improve overall posture.
Now there is not things all of those exercises have in common, can you spot what it is?
They are all self limiting. The weights a beginner can handle in them will not be high, meaning they can groove their from and ego will be regulated accordingly. Unlike some other exercises where you can break from to get more weight, these ones don’t give you much option to cheat your form without it being highly noticeable for all.
Obviously these are not set in stone, however with raw beginners I’ve found they work very well and set the stage and understanding for good solid from. As said above, the base exercises chosen will differ from person to person based on their ability, however these are a good place to start.

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