Two simple nutrition swaps for added fat loss.

Morning All,

Tweaking your nutrition can be hard, especially when it comes to knowing where to start if you find yourself working all the hours under the sun. Keeping this in mind here are two little tweaks that you can make that will help reduce excess calorie intake and start you on the right path.

1 – Buy more water to drink instead of smoothies, fizzy drinks or genera soft drinks.

2 – Swap your store bought sandwich for either meat from the deli and a bag of salad, or a pre-made one, you’ll find them under the sandwiches.

These will start to get you in the habit of making better choices for eating. You’ll also start to feel better as well.

Remember you can always have a little of what you enjoy, just don’t eat it in excess, unless you don’t mind the excess calories the goes with it as well.



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