5 Step Starting Process

Calories in,
Calories out,
That’s what Fat Loss is all about.
^^ Essentially this is how you lose fat or gain it.
There are plenty of ways you can approach nutrition, however experience has shown that the simpler you keep it the more chance for success you will have.
If you follow these 5 steps you’ll be off to a great start.
1 – Buy a diary to track what you eat daily
2 – Write down everything you eat/drink
3 – Honestly assess the amount/quality of what you consume
4 – Pick one element to start changing – EG: smaller portions
5 – Stick with this change for 3 weeks then add the next change
Chaining your nutritional habits requires a commitment and most importantly a lifestyle change. If you break this down in to small manageable chunks you’ll find they are easier to stick with.
Can you ever go back to the nutrition you had?
Yes you can, you will also find your health/body back in the same place it was as too, keep that in mind.

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