A simple way to size.

Morning All,

Gaming mass can seem tricky, however if you eat sufficient amounts (multiply your LBM by 17-19 for a calorie range) and get in enough volume and add weight where possible, then you should make progress over time.

This simple, tried and tested method will get you the extra muscle you desire.

The workout:

Main Lift: Ramp to a heavy 2, 3 or 5RM for the day
Main Lift: 10×10 at 60% 1RM
Accessory Lift: 3×8-12
Accessory Lift: 3×8-12


If you were looking at how this might translate to a workout based on a 4 day split of Legs-Push-Pull-Off, here is an example.

*Example 1RMs of 100kg

A1 – Squat Ramp to 2, 3 or 5RM
B1 – Squat 10x10x60kg
C1 – RDL 3×8-12
C2 – Hamstring Curl 3×8-12

A1 – Press Ramp to 2, 3 or 5RM
B1 – Press 10x10x60kg
C1 – Close Grip Bench 3×8-12
C2 – Dips 3×8-12

A1 – Deadlift Ramp to 2, 3 or 5RM*
B1 – Bent Over Row 10x10x60kg
C1 – Chin Up 3×8-12
C2 – Face Pull 3×8-12

*Deadlift is the only lift where you don’t do it as the 10×10 due to it would be hard, the use of bent over row is a good alternative.

You might not hit the 10×10 straight away, fear not because that means you’ve picked the right weight, work until you hit 10×10, then take a deload week (just doing the ramp and accessory lifts), after this do either another block of 10×10 with more weight or 10×6 with 75% 1RM and feel the progress. You can then alternate between the two.



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