5 Reasons you’re getting in your own way.

Morning All,
When it comes to progress in any aspect of life, you’ll often find that people in general do quite well when it comes to stopping their own progress long before legitimate barriers/problems appear.
Here are 5 of the most common ways you’re getting the the way of your own success.
1 – You’re failing to plan/set goals.
2 – You confuse being busy with being productive.
3 – You don’t ask for help when you need it.
4 – You’re easily distracted because you like to procrastinate.
5 – You’re scared of failing so you never really start.
Now a for 5 ways to over come these.
1 – Write down your goals and share them with people you trust to help keep you accountable.
2 – Don’t waste time, set up a list of things to do, then a timer for 33min and hammer out what you NEED to be doing first not he list, then take a 10min break and move on to the next thing. Learn to focus and stay sharp.
3 – Don’t let pride/ego get in the way, ask for help.
4 – Turn off your phone or leave it in another room, block Facebook and other distracting social media from your computer. Essentially remove your distractions.
5 – Accept there is a 98% chance you will fail at something, then take the feedback from this lesson and keep moving forwards, always forwards.
Success is never easy, it takes hard graft and you have got what it takes to do it, now get out of your own way and start moving forwards.

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