How to overcome a barrier in 3 easy steps.

Morning All,
You’ll find that there is always something that gets in the way or progress, it’s just an inevitable part of life.
How you deal with the obstacles in your way will largely depend on the approach you take. If it’s one of panic and ‘Woe is me, all is for naught’ then you might struggle, however if you follow these simple steps you’ll find what is in your way is dealt with swiftly and easily.
You’ll need a pen and paper.
1 – Write down the barrier
2 – Write down what behaviours you need to rectify this situation
3 – Apply the behaviours
You will often find plenty of people know what to do, but very few do what they know. The secret is in the last part, applying the correct behaviours.
Let’s look at a quick example, we’ll use working out in the gym and restricted time:
1 – Work needs to work until 8pm in stead of finishing at 5pm from now on. Thus disrupting your 5.30pm daily workout
2 – Get to the gym in the Am. Go at 8.30pm. Buy some Equipment for home. There might be other behaviours you can apply, use your brilliant mind to think of them.
3 – Pick one of the above.
Simple, right?
Often times you’ll find you have the answers you seek, if you don’t then ask for someones help.

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  1. iamwebecca

    So helpful! i’m new to blogging and im following people who inspire me and who have good things to say! would you mind following my back?im just getting started xx


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