Squats without a rack.

Occasionally you might find yourself caught out by mistiming your workout and the squat rack you wanted is now being used for curls meaning you might miss leg day 😦.

Fear not, there is a way around this and all you need is a bar along with some skill in either a power clean or full clean.

If you find no squat racks are free, you grab a bar load it with a light weight to start and get in some warm up cleans with front squats added in.

The clean will not only target your quads, it will also give you a thorough workout recruiting your hips/hamstrings/calves as well, what more could you ask for.

Yep, you essentially do what weight lifters have been doing for years. Have you seen the legs on those athletes, they’re outstanding. Their quads, glutes and hamstrings are the cause for much jealousy and rightly so.

Here is a complex for you to try, there will even be some extra optimal leg work added in just incase the rack becomes free.

A1 – Clean x1
A2 – FS x2-3
A3 – Jerk x1

Drop bar and repeat for 8-12 sets.

If no rack is free:

B1 – Clean x1
B2 – Walking Lunch 6-8 per leg

3-5 sets.

If the rack then comes free, add in this:

B1 – Squat

Rep options: 8×3 or 5×5 with a decent load for strength or 50 reps in as few sets as possible for extra volume.


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