Sadistic Shoulder Stability

In the days of old how much one could pick up off the floor and hoist over head was the sign of strength, these days it’s the bench press :/.
Sad times.
That said, shoulders are an often neglected area for a lot of people, keeping this in mind today you will find a two short routines to help you improve your overhead strength/stability 10-fold.
Overhead Workout 1: Strength/Size
A1 – Clean & Press BB – 8×3
B1 – DB Clean/Press – 5×10
A/B2 – Reverse Fly x12-15 – done in-between each pressing set
Overhead Workout 2: Strength/Stability
A1 – Clean & Jerk or Push Press 10×2-3
A2 – After last jerk hold locked out overhead and walk 20m
^^ (any piece of kit you choose, kettlebells work best)
B1 – Handstand Holds 5-10xAs long as possible – try to work up to a solid 30 seconds each hold, once you achieve that stick with 5 rounds of holds and add in some handstand walks.
C1 – Face Pulls 10×10
The first day is aimed at building some good old fashion muscle while the second is all about the lock out stability of the lift.
As time goes on you can start to add in partial pressing movements, tricep work to improve pressing power/lock out and even some log pressing – if you have access to one.
These seem easy on paper, not so much in practice

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