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Three simple things for a better body

There are a multitude of exercises you can do to build the best body you possibly can and this can become very confusing for a lot of people. It can even end up discouraging them from working out because there is too much choice.
Todays post is to give you some classic exercises and options on using them that you don’t often see done all too often in commercial gyms.
You will also find a workout structure down below as well.
1 – Double Dumbbell Clean & Press
Aim for 50 total reps, 5 sets of 10 is with <60 seconds rest a killer, or perhaps 100 reps, so 10×10 if you’re really sadistic but this is not advised.
Alternatively you can just try and hammer out as many sets of 10 as you can with solid form in a 45min time period, if you hit 100 reps you will probably want to add weight.
2 – High Rep Back Squat
Add this in to your workout a minimum of twice per week, stating at a target of 50 reps, do as many reps as you can each set and as many sets as needed to hit 50 reps total. Then add a rep each workout until you hit 2x25reps, then add weight and start again.
As above you could simply take the option of doing multiple sets of 10 until you reach a certain goal number in 45min, 100 is a good target, then add weight.
3 – Loaded Carry
Pick up something awkward to hold on to that matches your bodyweight, such as a sand bag (ideally), you might set out a 10m track for example and count the number of times you successfully complete it without dropping the bag or heavy awkward object you’re carrying in a certain time limit.
This is the hardest of the three options, it would be a good idea to have at least 2 awkward objects to carry, ideally three, that way you can have 3x15min time periods to carry those objects as far as possible.
– Bear Hug Carry
– Farmers Walk
– Overhead Hold Walk
^^ Those three work well together.
If you were to use those three exercises and do one per work you’d find you probably get more results than the endless crowds doing 9 different types of isolation exercises for the arms/abs/chest etc.
You might have a 3 on 1 off rotation that looks like this:
Day 1 – High Rep Back Squats
Day 2 – Double Dumbbell Clean & Press
Day 3 – Loaded Carries
Day 4 – Off
Day 5 – Repeat
This will make you strong, lean and incredibly fit if you keep the rest periods to a minimum, just keep a keen awareness of strict form.
Boring and repetitive but extremely effective.

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A no fuss, 3 exercise workout to produce results in 150 reps or less.

This program structure is ideal for gaining strength, lean muscle and losing fat.
Hopefully you will have the option of training a minimum or 3 times per week. In an ideal world you would be able to train 3 days on, 1 day off, however, regardless of what options you have, say only two days per week, this training method can still work very well for you.
Here are the basic guidelines to follow.
– 3 Lifts per workout only (ideal all compound lifts)
– 25-50 reps per lift
– 3-10RM loads (this will allow for some variety)
– Perform as many sets of reps as needed with your chosen RM load until you hit your target reps for the day
– Rest as needed but try to keep it to a minimum
– Pull Workout, Push Workout, Leg Workout
Here is an example of how the three days in your first micro-cycle (three day period) might look:
Day 1 – Legs – 50 Rep Target – 6RM Loading
A1 – Squat
B1 – RDL
C1 – Weighted Barbell Front Rack Lunge
^ You might end up doing 8×6 on each with some extra reps as the start because you feel strong, for example.
Day 2 – Push – 50 Rep Target – 7RM Loading
A1 – Overhead Press
B1 – 30 Degree Incline Press
C1 – Weighted Dip
^ Perhaps 6×7 and one odd set of 8 because you felt strong, or 4×7 and then odd reps until you hit your target, either way just make sure you hit 50 reps per lift.
Day 3 – Pull Day – 50 Rep Target – 10RM Loading
A1 – Deadlift
B1 – Barbell Row
C1 – Weighted Chin Up
^ Maybe 5×10 on all?
Day 4 – Rest
As you can see the main aim is to get in the volume of 50 reps, it doesn’t matter really how many set you do or even if you hit say 6 reps each set so long as you get all the reps in. You will notice the 50 rep volume is on 6-10RM loads, if you want some heavier days you can use the 25 rep target and the 3-5 RM loads, you’d probably end up doing say 8×3, 6×4 or 5×5 etc. .
The simple focus on compound lifts and basic volume will help you get stronger and build more lean muscle. It’s worth tracking all of your lifting so that you can see what RM loads you’ve used and which ones you haven’t. It’s good to do 2-3 mini cycles (3 day blocks) on the same RM loads then change it up.
It was mentioned above that you can do this if you only have three days per week free, which it is. You will do well do do 2-3 weeks on each RM load.
If you have only two days you would simply run through the Legs-Push-Pull order in sequence, meaning your weeks might look like this:
Week 1 – Legs/Push
Week 2 – Pull/Legs
Week 3 – Push/Pull
Then the cycle repeats back to Legs/Push, which could be a good time for a new RM load to be used.
It’s simple, effective and results producing.

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A lesson in being humble.

Morning All,

You might think that for people who work and write about fitness, training, lifestyle change or anything of a similar ilk that they’ve got it all sorted, they never fall to the traps of ego or pride and everything is as it should be.

I’m here today to tell you that if you assume that, you’ll most certainly make an ass out of you and me.

This morning I personally fell to my own hubris.

There was a lift I assumed would be hit and there would be no issues, it can safely be said that that was the mother of all mistakes because the lift was missed three times do to poor tricep strength in the lock out portion of the lift.

Anger ensued, disappointment was rife, clarity was gained, a lesson was learned.

Don’t assume anything until it has been done.

The next time you find yourself struggling and look to others and start thinking “They’ve got it so easy.” or anything similar, remember that chances are they have failed int he same way you have, they’ve learnt lessons you have yet to know even exist and made progress, it just took time.


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One heavily contributing factor to your lack of success.

Morning All,
There is a simple explanation for the reason a large chunk of people fail to achieve their desired goal.
If you were to ask them how they should do it, you’d more often than not get back an almost textbook answer of logic, common sense and information that for all intensive purposes would actually work but it didn’t.
Do you want to know why?
It’s simple really. Have a think and see if you can guess…
They didn’t apply what they knew, thus they failed (did you guess correctly).
One of the main factors to success is the application of the knowledge you have or attain. Through application you will be able to find out what actually works for you and what doesn’t.
No one can force you to apply your knowledge or better put, no one can for you to apply yourself in the necessary way needed, only you can do that. It’s your choice, your attitude, it’s all on you.
Before you start thinking “Oh, I would but XYZ.”, just stop it.
You can either apply yourself and do what you need to to or you can’t, it’s that simple. If something gets in the way you can work around it and adapt, or maybe you can’t, only you know what you’re willing to do but you will only know what you’re capable of if you toughen up and apply yourself.
Now go, make a list of what you need to do and DO IT.

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The top 5 reasons you struggle with nutrition.

You ready?

These may surprise and offend you.

1 – You want a specific answer to a general question and refuse to learn of yourself.
2 – You aren’t honest with yourself about how much you eat.
3 – You don’t track your calories.
4 – You reject the notions of common nutritional sense for more favourable fad diets that tell you what you want to hear.
5 – You expect to see results in a few days or a week.

Bonus – You consume more total calories than you expend each day.

Harsh but true.

Here are 5 ways to combat the above issues:

1 – Take the time to learn what nutrition is and isn’t.
2 – Be honest with yourself.
3 – Buy a diary or download and app and track everything (food, drinks etc).
4 – Just because what you’re told isn’t what you want to hear doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Don’t fall victim to fad diets and good marketing.
5 – Eat less, move more and remember that progress takes months or even years to really see, not days.

Bonus – Hire a coach to help you.

Applied the above and you’ll be far better off for it.



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Cardio,our friend in the right amount.


If you want an optimally performing body you will need to have it in your training program.

Morning All,

CV training is loved by some as much as it is feared by others and as such there is a massive divide when it comes to its importance.

Some fear they will lose their hard earn muscle if they do even 5min of it, while others think their lungs will disintegrate if they do not do 60min every day. Both fallacies are wrong, you can blend CV with weights and keep an impressive amount of muscle, you can also add weight to your regular CV and still keep your pace/fitness without any compromise, let’s look at how.

If you’re in a calorie deficit and aiming to keep 4xRT (resistance training) sessions per week, given the intensity of each lifting day your body may respond better to LISS, simply due to the energy systems used predominantly when lifting weights, along with the fatigue you’d be having to manage. Adding in the extra intensity of intervals may compromise your recovery.

Let’s say you instead aim for 2xRT sessions per week, you may be abel to handle 2-3 interval sessions and manage the fatigue well. This would mean that you can get can over all more athletic training program going.

It is worth remembering that for optimal fat loss you will need a caloric deficit no matter what you do, the style of cardio you choose will be down to individual needs and preference/enjoyment.
The use of CV to help you create the necessary caloric deficit is a very good idea. You will find people occasionally try and do it through diet alone, not smart. A blend of the two would be the best and more optimal route to take.

At the start you would possibly have 2-3xRT and 2-3XInterval Sessions with a minor caloric deficit, which would adapt over time to 2-3xRT with 2-3XLISS to help manage fatigue as the calorie deficit from food increases and recovery start to become harder keep in the optimal zone.

All in all you can do which every style of CV yo enjoy, you just have to make sure you have a balanced program with it.…/Article%20folder/HIITvsCardio.html

Cardio Bunnies, add in some weights, you’ll get a better body for it.

Meat Heads, add in some cardio, you’ll get a better body for it.

If you train 4 days per week here is a simple structure to blend both RT & CV:

Monday – RT – Loading (2-6RM), 25 reps per lift
Tuesday – CV – LISS – 70-80% Heart Rate Reserve 45-60min
Wednesday – Off – Stretching/foam rolling
Thursday – RT – Loading (6-10RM), 50 reps per lift
Friday – Off – Stretching/foam rolling
Saturday – Interval Training – 90%+ Heart Rate Reserve 30-45min – intervals of your choice (example: 60sec sprint, 120 sec rest)
Sunday – Off – Stretching/foam rolling

Simple, effective, easy on paper, not so easy if you put in 100% effort.


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The same old…

When it comes to nutrition you will find the same information repeated, again and again and again.
The reason is simple, the reason is because not much has changed regarding nutrition for health and wellness in the last 100 years. If anything the principle of the past are more crucial now than they were back then, especially since the invention or highly processed foods and the world of instant gratification and convenience that we now inhabit.
Here are three age old lessons you need to apply to your moaner life (the funny thing is you already know them, however the chances are you just don’t apply them.).
1- You should eat mostly, if not entirely, unprocessed food. Fods such as meat, veg, fruit and anything home made not store bought.
2 – You should drink more water.
3 – You should eat for health & need, not for emotion.
Look at what you currently eat and more importantly WHY you choose to eat that way. The last point will really open your eyes if you’re honest with yourself.

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