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1 or 2, which are you?

There is only so much you can write about training, nutrition, mindset and fitness in general.
You will find that there is very little information that hasn’t been covered by someone somewhere at some time in either a book or on the internet.
Given this fact, why are there so many people who are still clueless?
Worrying, ins’t it.
There are a couple of reasons:
1 – Information overload.
2 – They just want information that agrees with their current beliefs of how achieving their results should work, which hasn’t in all the years they’ve tried.
Reason one is quite simple to overcome, all one needs do is take some time to run a couple of searches on top training/nutritional writes in the fitness industry, chances are their stuff will be credible.
The second reason is much harder to change because it will effect a persons beliefs and dent their ego. However an easy and quick way to deal with this is to simply ask this: “Have you gotten the results you want doing what you want to do?” – Typically they say no, simple.
Which type of person are you?
Do you just get overwhelmed or do you look for confirmation of your own individual bias?
Seek the truth, not just the truth that is most pleasing or convenient to you.

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