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A no fuss, 3 exercise workout to produce results in 150 reps or less.

This program structure is ideal for gaining strength, lean muscle and losing fat.
Hopefully you will have the option of training a minimum or 3 times per week. In an ideal world you would be able to train 3 days on, 1 day off, however, regardless of what options you have, say only two days per week, this training method can still work very well for you.
Here are the basic guidelines to follow.
– 3 Lifts per workout only (ideal all compound lifts)
– 25-50 reps per lift
– 3-10RM loads (this will allow for some variety)
– Perform as many sets of reps as needed with your chosen RM load until you hit your target reps for the day
– Rest as needed but try to keep it to a minimum
– Pull Workout, Push Workout, Leg Workout
Here is an example of how the three days in your first micro-cycle (three day period) might look:
Day 1 – Legs – 50 Rep Target – 6RM Loading
A1 – Squat
B1 – RDL
C1 – Weighted Barbell Front Rack Lunge
^ You might end up doing 8×6 on each with some extra reps as the start because you feel strong, for example.
Day 2 – Push – 50 Rep Target – 7RM Loading
A1 – Overhead Press
B1 – 30 Degree Incline Press
C1 – Weighted Dip
^ Perhaps 6×7 and one odd set of 8 because you felt strong, or 4×7 and then odd reps until you hit your target, either way just make sure you hit 50 reps per lift.
Day 3 – Pull Day – 50 Rep Target – 10RM Loading
A1 – Deadlift
B1 – Barbell Row
C1 – Weighted Chin Up
^ Maybe 5×10 on all?
Day 4 – Rest
As you can see the main aim is to get in the volume of 50 reps, it doesn’t matter really how many set you do or even if you hit say 6 reps each set so long as you get all the reps in. You will notice the 50 rep volume is on 6-10RM loads, if you want some heavier days you can use the 25 rep target and the 3-5 RM loads, you’d probably end up doing say 8×3, 6×4 or 5×5 etc. .
The simple focus on compound lifts and basic volume will help you get stronger and build more lean muscle. It’s worth tracking all of your lifting so that you can see what RM loads you’ve used and which ones you haven’t. It’s good to do 2-3 mini cycles (3 day blocks) on the same RM loads then change it up.
It was mentioned above that you can do this if you only have three days per week free, which it is. You will do well do do 2-3 weeks on each RM load.
If you have only two days you would simply run through the Legs-Push-Pull order in sequence, meaning your weeks might look like this:
Week 1 – Legs/Push
Week 2 – Pull/Legs
Week 3 – Push/Pull
Then the cycle repeats back to Legs/Push, which could be a good time for a new RM load to be used.
It’s simple, effective and results producing.

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