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Cardio,our friend in the right amount.


If you want an optimally performing body you will need to have it in your training program.

Morning All,

CV training is loved by some as much as it is feared by others and as such there is a massive divide when it comes to its importance.

Some fear they will lose their hard earn muscle if they do even 5min of it, while others think their lungs will disintegrate if they do not do 60min every day. Both fallacies are wrong, you can blend CV with weights and keep an impressive amount of muscle, you can also add weight to your regular CV and still keep your pace/fitness without any compromise, let’s look at how.

If you’re in a calorie deficit and aiming to keep 4xRT (resistance training) sessions per week, given the intensity of each lifting day your body may respond better to LISS, simply due to the energy systems used predominantly when lifting weights, along with the fatigue you’d be having to manage. Adding in the extra intensity of intervals may compromise your recovery.

Let’s say you instead aim for 2xRT sessions per week, you may be abel to handle 2-3 interval sessions and manage the fatigue well. This would mean that you can get can over all more athletic training program going.

It is worth remembering that for optimal fat loss you will need a caloric deficit no matter what you do, the style of cardio you choose will be down to individual needs and preference/enjoyment.
The use of CV to help you create the necessary caloric deficit is a very good idea. You will find people occasionally try and do it through diet alone, not smart. A blend of the two would be the best and more optimal route to take.

At the start you would possibly have 2-3xRT and 2-3XInterval Sessions with a minor caloric deficit, which would adapt over time to 2-3xRT with 2-3XLISS to help manage fatigue as the calorie deficit from food increases and recovery start to become harder keep in the optimal zone.

All in all you can do which every style of CV yo enjoy, you just have to make sure you have a balanced program with it.


Cardio Bunnies, add in some weights, you’ll get a better body for it.

Meat Heads, add in some cardio, you’ll get a better body for it.

If you train 4 days per week here is a simple structure to blend both RT & CV:

Monday – RT – Loading (2-6RM), 25 reps per lift
Tuesday – CV – LISS – 70-80% Heart Rate Reserve 45-60min
Wednesday – Off – Stretching/foam rolling
Thursday – RT – Loading (6-10RM), 50 reps per lift
Friday – Off – Stretching/foam rolling
Saturday – Interval Training – 90%+ Heart Rate Reserve 30-45min – intervals of your choice (example: 60sec sprint, 120 sec rest)
Sunday – Off – Stretching/foam rolling

Simple, effective, easy on paper, not so easy if you put in 100% effort.


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