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The same old…

When it comes to nutrition you will find the same information repeated, again and again and again.
The reason is simple, the reason is because not much has changed regarding nutrition for health and wellness in the last 100 years. If anything the principle of the past are more crucial now than they were back then, especially since the invention or highly processed foods and the world of instant gratification and convenience that we now inhabit.
Here are three age old lessons you need to apply to your moaner life (the funny thing is you already know them, however the chances are you just don’t apply them.).
1- You should eat mostly, if not entirely, unprocessed food. Fods such as meat, veg, fruit and anything home made not store bought.
2 – You should drink more water.
3 – You should eat for health & need, not for emotion.
Look at what you currently eat and more importantly WHY you choose to eat that way. The last point will really open your eyes if you’re honest with yourself.

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