I know why you don’t like your body.

Why don’t you like your body?

^^ A very personal question but one that really should be asked to help gain understanding.

Many people want to be something their not or have a body that is not achievable for them based on the genetic build they have, even though it’s unrealistic and may send them to the edge of madness.

Obviously for some people this will not apply because they re quite content and at peace within themselves, to those people I say, good for you. It is my wish that one day everyone will find this place.

However for the majority that isn’t the case.

Where did it all start?

Magazines, movies, outrageous promises of 30day transformations that are not really sustainable or was it long before that?

As children we never care about how we look, even the children that are known as ‘chubby’, yep, I said it. They have no problem with how they look or how the other treat them, they see the piss taking and jokes as trivial UNTIL they are taught that what is being aid to them is hurtful and meant to make them feel bad, this comes from our parents, peers and life teachers. Just think about that for a second.

People are only hurt by what they are taught too be hurt by. They only care about what they have been told to care about by other people.

Think about it logically, why should you care what other people really think? You shouldn’t but you will because it’s all you know.

Now, when we ask people why this don’t like the way they look, their answers are usually about specific parts or fat storage areas but I really want to know the WHY to these answers. Where did this dislike come from, what was it based on or who did you learn it from?

The answers might seem obvious yet I doubt many have actually sat down and asked themselves why exactly they feel the way they do.

If you know the cause or the root of the evil you can start to make th changes necessary so that you feel HAPPY, as in actually happy, not just waining happiness because you feel you should all down to the fact you have a slender waistline, toned legs and firm buttocks and hair softer than a baby rabbits fur.

Is what you’re doing for something or nothing?

Does this mean that you will finally be happy, content and love your body?

So dear friends, I ask you again, why don’t you like your body, what is the reason and is it your own belief of one you’ve had forced upon you…



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