How you doing?

How are you doing?
Like, seriously?
We are two weeks in to the new year and starting the third and I just wondered if anyone has asked you how you’re doing so far :).
It’s easy to get caught up in the New Years rush and forget that we need to take some time to sit back and take a look at how everything is going.
You’ll find it isn’t uncommon for people to outwardly say they are fine but internally the exhaustion is starting to take hold, perhaps not physically, but certainly mentally. Or maybe physically as well.
Either way, it’s good to keep a check on how everything is going and have somewhere/someone to sound off to, not only for our own health but also to gain perspective and assess if we are being productive or just busy for the sake of it.
Take 5min and writ down these questions with HONEST answers:
– How are you feeling mentally?
– How are you feeling physically?
– How can you improve these?
– What help do you need?
– Will you ask for it? – A simple yes or no will suffice.
– When will you ask for it?
These might seem odd but they will help you open some mental doors and prioritise, if you ask each of these questions for various areas of you life – Work, Health/Fitness, Relationships, etc – You will find solutions and be happier all in all.
Take some time to look after you, if you don’t then who will?
I will ask again.
How are you doing?

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