Don’t Stress, Progress is Happening.

The first week of the New Year is at an end.

Hopefully you have stayed true to your resolutions and started making a change, even if what you have done might only seem small, it’s a step in the right direction.

It’s not uncommon to see people absolutely smashing it in the New Year and making progress immediately, perhaps a change int heir body/health can already be seen, while it is great to witness for the persons family members it can leave others who started their fitness journey feeling a bit down in the dumps because their progress isn’t as rapid. 

Firstly there is some honest feedback that has to be given and it is this; some people will progress faster than you, even if they seem to put in less effort. Is it fair? Hardly, but that’s life and regardless of how fast someone else is progressing it shouldn’t hold any effect on you because you’re you, not them and you’re progressing at the pace your body will allow for now. Don’t panic, you’re not a failure, stay consistent and results will come.

Now, the temptation to try and keep up with the Jones’ can be a hard one to resist, we have all been there and usually it doesn’t do anyone any good. It just demotivates the individual trying to keep up and no one needs that. While healthy competition is good, you can only do what you can, no more, remember that.

If you need some suggestions to help you stay motivated and reveal your progress then these will be right up your street:

– Progress Photos, take them on the same day, same time, same room, same lighting etc for the most consistency.

– Keep a training diary, this just helps you see your fitness progressing in terms of tangible numbers.

– Body measurements, problems read such as the waist, stomach are good to see the loss of visceral fat. You can also relate progress to your clothes and how they fit/feel.

Those are 3 tried and tested methods for keeping a track on things so you can see that you’re progressing nicely. Don’t worry what others people are doing, focus on you.



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