Two ways to stay on track in January.

The first couple of weeks in January are often the easiest for people to stay committed to the cause because they are gilled with motivation, however this can start to chance around week three/four and I would like to give you two tips to help you avoid this happening.
1 – Get other people involved.
This can mean a great many things, the best way to look at it is by finding a gym buddy or telling a close few people publicly what you’re doing so that they can help hold you accountable if you do start to fall off the wagon.
You will find that the fear of letting people down can be a great motivator, it’s true it won’t work for everyone and that is why I have tip number two for you.
‘What’s in it for me’
That is what WIIFM stands for and this is a great way to show you just how many benefits you will get from sticking with your fitness journey. Here are some examples:
– Better health
– More confidence
– Increased daily energy
– Clarity of mind and better thinking ability
– New friends
– Learning fitness can be fun (group exercise etc)
Those are only a few reasons but you will find that sticking with your New Years fitness journey will be a great benefit to you in the long run because the positives far outweigh the negatives (early morning gym sessions, hard sessions, buying new clothes).
Bonus Tip: Set a SMART goal and have someone who really means a lot to you counter sign it.
Remember you’re not alone when you feel things get hard, almost everyone has been there at some point, just remember you’ll regret giving up far more than you will pushing through the tough times and reaping the rewards of your labours.

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