Results are not just for New Year

New Year, same problems.
Did you know that most people continue to have the same problems on their fitness journey year after year.
– Lack of time
– No motivation
– Endless excuses (procrastination)
Those are the common three most people face but that is not to say there are not others issues as well, however the fact that they keep reoccurring means the person in question is not making a change in their mindset or lifestyle, therein lies the problem.
The hardest change people have to make is realising and accepting that fitness is for life, not just for New Year.
It would be nice if we could all do 3-6 months of training and look great forever more, this never happens for most people, perhaps those with physical jobs have it a little differently but not desk workers.
Ask yourself how much you really want to change and why.
The reasons must be genuine otherwise you will fail again, sorry but that’s how it goes.
It is true you will need times where you take a break for a week or two, or reduce training from 4 sessions per week to 2 to allow other priorities in life to take the forefront, however you can’t just drop it and expect to keep all your hard work. When you do face times that require a slight change to your training E.G – training days dropping to 2, or perhaps the only free time you will have it 30min on your lunch 4xper week etc. You will need to use that time effectively and not fall out of the habit.
If you will find this hard then hire someone to do it for you, simple.
When you next come across problem instead of letting it rule you, see it as merely a challenge you have to work around and keep waking hard.
Achieving results is like tending to a garden, it take time, effort, consistency and care to keep healthy a flourishing. Even in harsh times of winter precautions are taken to stop it going to rag & ruin, do the same for your body, you only get one after all.

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