What people don’t tell you.

Do you want to know what they don’t tell you about those 12 week transformations you see?
The person involved usually tried several times before to achieve the results they now have but they were missing a few vital things:
– Consistency
– Adherence in everything they were told to do
– A coach/trainer
– Knowledge of their previous failures
The last one is probably one of the more interesting points because people who often succeed the most are the ones who actually learnt from their failures and accepted them being their fault (9/10 times that is, there will always be exceptions yet most of the time it’s always on us when we fail).
Have you ever heard of the 5 stages of grief?
– Denial
– Anger
– Bargaining
– Depression
– Acceptance
Do you know that people actually go through this sequence for a great many things. Take a fitness transformation for example:
– They deny they could have ever achieved it
– They get angry because of what got in the way: work, partners etc
– They start to make deals with themselves such as “When I get XYZ done I will do this for me.” and they don’t follow them through
– They sadly fall in to their old habits and potentially seek solace in food or alcohol
– Eventually they accept they just gave up and carry on with life… or at least that’s what we hope.
From experience people get stuck in the depression part of the cycle and occasionally fall back to the first stage and keep repeating 1 through 4, this is not nice to see but it does happen, sadly.
Take a second and ask yourself honestly, has this been/ever been or is this you?
If the above question rings true, don’t worry about it. Many of us have been there, even the people you admire/aspire to be like have been there. The only difference is being honest with yourself and accepting past failures and WHY they happened (chances are it was our own fault 98% of the time), that way you can let it go and seek the help you need.
I know you can achieve your goal but before you start making a change to your body you should make the change mentally first.

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