As promised, a Program So Basic It Might Just Work.

Morning Guys,
I promised a simple workout structure for you, here it is.
Lift heavy 2-4xper week, 45-60min per session, 2-6 exercises per session, focus on compound lifts for 5-25 reps for your first exercise, for assistance work 25-50 reps per session with a compound lift is also good, use a load that makes you struggle to hit the last rep easily on each set – an RPE of 9/9.5, rest 2-5min as needed, don’t die.
Sorry, that was a terrible joke but as far as lifting goes you won;t go far wrong with that short paragraph above. I will break it down a tad more for you :).
Training 2xPW with weights and adding in 1-2xCV sessions.
^^ This might be a full body routine like this:
Lifting Day 1 – Hit an RPE 9/9.5 (rate of perceived exertion, meaning you couldn’t do another rep with crisp form)
A1 – Front Squat 8×3
B1 – Overhead Press 5×5
B2 – Straight Leg Deadlift 5×5
C1 – Bent Over Row 4×6-8
C2 – Hamstring Curl 4×6-8
D1 – Calf Raise 3xFail
Lifting Day 2 – Hit an RPE 9/9.5 (rate of perceived exertion, meaning you couldn’t do another rep with crisp form)
A1 – Deadlift 6-8×2
B1 – Incline Press 5×5
B2 – Pull Up or Pull Down 5×5
C1 – Tricep Dip 4×6-8
C2 – Barbell Curl 4×6-8
D1 – Loaded Carry 3-6x Max Distance (farmers walk or sand bag carry etc)
When it comes to the CV work I would suggest a 30-45min session of something you enjoy that makes you work hard. Such asBoxing, Skipping, BJJ, Running, Swimming or a sport.
Alternatively You could use one of the following ideas
CV Day 1 – Hill Sprints/Sprints – 10×60 seconds sprints with 120seconds rest, a 5-10min warm up/warm down is essential, it should contain some mobility work, foam rolling and get your heart rate up.
CV Day 2 – Loaded Carries/Loading Medleys – Yep, you can take them out of Thursday and finish with a posture based exercise (face pulls for example), I would suggest doing a 45min session, 10-15min will be warm up/down, the rest will be perhaps doing as many 20meter runs with 60seconds rest in-between each run as possible, or carry an obecjt as far as you can in 30min. The options are endless for this, you might need to do some leg work yourself for more ideas.
The best example of this is to take a look at some strongman training videos. You will be lifting/moving heavy awkward objects, moving them from one place to another. This is one of the best ways of not only building strength but stripping fat as well.
You don’t need strongman kit, you can use kettlebells, barbells, plates, dumbbells, house hold objects, your children, basically anything awkward to lift-carry and move around.
Here is how your week might look:
Monday – CV Day 1
Tuesday – Lifting Day 1
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – Lifting Day 2
Friday – Off
Saturday – CV Day 2
Sunday – Off
This is not gospel, it’s merely a nice sample guide to help you along your way. If you stick with this you will strip fat, get stronger and build lean muscle :).

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