I Got Skills, Have You?

Skills Skills Skills, Do you have them?
Keeping with the theme of the new year lead up and all of the resolutions that will be set it’s time to look at an often forgotten aspect of goal setting; Skill Requirement.
It might sound strange yet the ability to achieve a goal isn’t just down to sheer force of will and heart, although having only those two will get you a very long way. Something else you need will be a specific set of skills, let me give you an example.
Goal – Become a Rock Superstar.
Current Situation – Self Employed with no singing ability or musical talent.
Skills Required – Musical tone, lyrical genius, the ability to play one or multiple instruments.
Required Skills Currently Possessed – None, not a single one :(.
Required Action to Achieve Goal – Give up all work and invest time/money to learn all required skills to achieve the dream.
Overall Outcome – Loss of current earnings, potential homelessness, existential dread.
Decision – Goal unachievable.
Okay, that might be a tad extreme, I’m sure the outcomes wouldn’t be that terrible but you get the idea that the goal I wanted reared a certain set of skills that I didn’t possess and to acquire those skills I would bee to invest time and resources. This is something a great many forget to take in to account.
Everyone wants to achieve their goals and you might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of people that will help you along the way but before you can find them you need to honestly assess your current skills and which ones you will need to achieve your goal.
Here are five steps to help you:
1 – Write down your goal.
2 – Write down what skills you need to archive your goal.
3 – Write down what skills you HAVE and which ones you NEED.
4 – Write down a list of actions to acquire said skills.
5 – Apply the tips above.
Everyone starts somewhere, if you need help be sure to ask for it. Don’t let your goal slip through your fingers, achieve it and be proud!

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