What’s Your View?

The age old saying –
“To look like an athlete you must train like one.”
It’s a good saying, however I personally feel people misinterpret what it actually means.
Be aware this is my personal philosophy on this saying that has developed and changed over the years through experience and working with various athletes of all levels.
Let’s take another look at the saying –
“To look like an athlete you must train like one.”
It really is quite motivating isn’t it, however people will take this as ‘You must follow an athletes training program to the letter if you want results.’ this is where the problems occur. The number one problem being most people are not athletes, even when compared to a novice level, thus they have no right to be training in that way.
Some will disagree with that statement from me, but once you’ve seen people burn out, get injured and everything else that comes with trying to train too far above their ability it will all become clear.
When we look at athletes it’s easy to forget where they started, however I can assure you it wasn’t training 3x per day with the volume and intensity they currently do. Chances are they trained like a beginner because that’s what they were.
To me saying above doesn’t mean you must train the same way an athlete does a their current level, it means you must have the MINDSET and ATTITUDE of an athlete.
What does an athletes mindset/attitude look like?
Well, if you stay jump they don’t ask how high, they automatically do it as high as they can and often go all out on everything. They don’t make excuses, they just do what they have to do to improve and the best ones listen to their peers and those who have more experience. Sometimes coaches will even have to hold an athlete (of any level) back because they will push too hard and injure themselves.
This mindset/attitude is something everybody needs and in time they will find they do indeed look and train like and athlete, but it took time, al long time because there are no shortcuts to results.

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