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The Tricksters Pages…

With all the fitness magazines, best selling books and other such things floating around it can be quite hard to know what to believe.
If we look at a standard fitness magazine you will find that the workout you read on page 27 is completely different from the one on page 62, yet they both claim to work. This does no favours and ends up leaving you more confused than when you first picked it up.
It’s maddening, isn’t it.
While I advice people read and expand their knowledge I would highly suggest getting a coach/trainer to put together your workouts, this is because you will have something that is individually made for YOU and caters to all your needs and not just a flashy headline to sell copies of this weeks latest print.
It’s better to spend a pretty penny on something that will get you the results you need than waste it on information that will only take you in circles.

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