Almost the same, but not quite.

This week I made my way through a several books, some on philosophy and others training related. Two in particular were the Science & Development of Muscle Hypertrophy, and The Muscle & Strength Training Pyramid, both had good information that covered the same topic from two different view points, with the most interesting part being that they both covered similar studies but their recommendations for achieving optimal hypertrophy were not identical in every aspect.
The M&S Pyramid had the following to day:
– Frequency: train each muscle group 2-3xP/W.
– Total volume: 40-70reps per muscle group P/S (80-210P/W).
– Intensity: 1-15RM – 3/4 total volume in 6+ rep range & 1/4 in 1-6 rep range, RPE based.
– Exercise Recommendation: 1-2 compound and 1-3 isolation per muscle group.
– Rest: 90-180seconds rest (90-isolation, 180-compound)
– Tempo: Nothing too fancy, stay controlled and safe but make sure that the tempo doesn’t become too slow that it compromises the weights being lifted and lowers the overall intensity.
Some pretty solid recommendations based on a nice blend of science and experience.
Here is what the S&D of Muscle Hypertrophy have to say:
– Frequency: train each muscle group 2-3xP/W.
– Total volume: 40-70reps P/S (no mention of weekly volume but far more in protein synthesis elevation and how it correlates to growth).
– Intensity: 1-20+ reps with the load determining the rep range, 6RM-12RM most mentioned while also hitting momentary muscle failure.
– Exercise Recommendation: Had a section on muscle actions/mechanics with some examples but nothing specific, basically compound with isolation mixed in.
– Rest: 90-120seconds rest (90-isolation, 120-compound)
– Tempo: 30second minimum TUT per set.
All in all pretty similar, all be it with a couple of differences in terms of overall recommendations. This is why it’s worth gathering information from various sources so that you can compare and make your own informed decisions about what you know.

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