Deep for a Monday

Remember Who You Are…
Morning Guys,
Are you one of the people that has tried so hard to be an ‘individual’ that you’ve ended up being just like everyone else?
If you open one of your social media apps you will find that there are at least a handful of people on your feed that are talking about how they’ve made changes, achieve results, become a better version of them etc, all in an attempt to be different and change who they were, while ironically ending up just like all the people they used to dislike.
I’m all for people making a change, getting results and gaining self-confidence and self-worth but never at the expense of who they are as a person.
You will find that those who attempt to change their physical look to make themselves feel better mentally often end up feeling worse and unfortunately lose themselves, for lack of a better word to describe it.
These people become obsessed with their new identity and give up everything that made them an individual, that basically made them who they were. Their online image… It’s now who they are and if they were to lose it the false and fluffy reality of Facebook/Instagram Likes and virtual validation would disappear and we just can’t have that happen now, can we.
Take a moment and think back to where you started your journey and where you are now.
How have you changed?
Do you still hold your core values/beliefs/interests or are you now living as the character you created to make yourself happy for that brief moment?
It’s understandable that people mature and grow over the years but there is a difference between that and changing who you are for other people so that you will feel accepted or receive the validation you so seek. Why do you think there are a lot of people who on paper, or rather, on screen seem to have it all and be ecstatically happy yet in real life they are hounded by depression and other such alignments. Just think about that for a second.
If you have a goal I want you to work hard and achieve it, just don’t do it at the expense of losing yourself in the process. Remember that how you look will always be the least interesting thing about you.

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