One Reason You Can’t Lose Weight!

There are obviously many reasons people can’t shift excess weight, but the main factor is often the fact they consume more calories than they expend (basic energy balance).
Now before people start chanting about how they are a unique and special little snowflake you must understand some basic physiology, these two resources will get you started:
No matter how much you’d like to be exempt from this, you’re not and you’re going to have to accept that simple fact of life.
There are many people who claim to be in a calorie deficit (eating less than they are expending) and not be able to lose weight (be that fat or unfortunate muscle). This means one of two things:
1 – You’re consuming more calories than you think.
^^ Most likely.
2 – You have suffered muscle atrophy and have been doing less physical activity with no calorie adjustment as a result your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) is lower than what you’re eating each day.
^^ Possible, but number 1 is more common.
How can you combat this problem?
Simple, keep a food diary and track what you eat but be honest. That means including alcohol, sugary drinks, lattes and so on. You’ll find you can easily consume 500 calories extra per day from drinking them unknowingly.
In short the mantra to achieve your weightless goals is as follows: “Eat less and move more.”.
You’re not above science, if something isn’t happening they way you want it to 9/10 times you’re doing something wrong. All you need to is educate yourself and learn from our mistakes :).

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