Fast Fat Loss? Do This…

I see lot’s of people trying endless things to shift unwanted body fat and while their efforts are admirable, they sadly lack the intensity necessary to promote a disturbance in homeostasis that will force a positive adaptive change.

How often do you hear of people doing 6+ classes a week or 2-3 classes back to back and perhaps even subjecting themselves to the newest fad diet that has an unhealthy level of calorie restriction and still get no results? Pretty often I would guess.

People get stuck in a routine that eventually fails to deliver results.

The reason people don’t get results can vary but typically it has something to do with effort levels, calorie balance, recovery and training that their body has become too efficient at. I would like to give you a little workout to day that will be completely different from the norm and produce the results you want. If you’re after nutrition guidance then that’s a topic for another day.

Here is what you need to do… Pick up moderate to heavy (remember to be safe) awkward objects and carry them for a select period of time or distance for repeated efforts. This will cause every muscle in your body to work in an inefficient (but SAFE, remember to be safe) way which will force an increased oxygen debt, metabolic disturbance and kick start your fat loss while also improving strength, lean muscle mass and CV health.

Now some guidelines of how to build a workout:

– Hit all the major muscle groups of the body
– Limit training time to 30-45min 3-5 days per week (sometimes less is more)
– Use different objects (more on this soon) to stimulate your body
– Rounds can be up to you – Timed books of 5,10,15min work well, as does setting a distance, say 400m
– Rest as needed (ideally keep it short, say 60-90 seconds)
– Repeat your efforts for optimal results

Below is a workout for your consideration (3 and *5 days):

Monday: Bear Hug Bodyweight Sandbag Carry – 3-5x500m
*Tuesday: Bodyweight Prowler Push – 1 mile, repeat if feeling strong
Wednesday: Off – Foam Roll/Stretch
Thursday: Farmers Walk (half BW in each hand) – 2-4x400m
*Friday: Bodyweight Sled Drag – 1mile, repeat if feeling strong
Saturday: Half to Bodyweight SandBag Shoulder Carry – 3-5x500m
Sunday: Off – Foam Roll/Stretch

What is written above is only a guideline, take the time to have a think about loaded carries and give them a try, after all, what’s the worst thing that can happen? You don’t get results meaning you’re no worse off than you were, or potentially you get great results and learn that change is actually a good thing.


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