The Dark Side of Fitness…

This post is not intended to scare or discourage anyone, it is here to educate to the hidden nasties of fitness that no one talks about.

Sadly it’s not all sunshine and rainbows as Social Media would have you believe.

Here is typically why people start their fitness journey:

– Feel Happier
– Boost Self-Confidence/Esteem
– Feel More Attractive (both to themselves & the opposite sex)
– Look Great Naked

Now, taking these reasons in to consideration and also my experience working with clients of all ages, these are only ever achieved for a short period of time and in actual fact people end up feeling the following:

– Depressed
– Not Good Enough/Unworthy
– Frustrated
– Paranoid of Regressing (Fear of Regression)

There is an immense pressure in our modern culture and the once nobel act of trying to get fitter can lead people to some very dark places and cause these problems:

– Eating Disorders
– Obsessive Behaviours
– Reclusive Behaviour
– Mental Health Issues
– Hormonal Issues

Now those are potential problems that people don’t tell you about that yo really should know. It pains me to say that I have seem all of these and more besiege people and it’s not nice to watch because no matter the help offered only they can break out of that place and find a balance/happiness again. Social Media doesn’t help matters, the fact that ‘natural’ fit-pros sell products left right and centre, train seemingly everyday and live a perfect life problem free is incredibly misleading. Remember Social Media will only ever show you the good, never the whole truth.

As I said above, this is not meant to scare you or deter you from fitness, it’s here to educate you. There are plenty of ways you can train and progress without coming in to these problems and most of them stem from the thought process of “Do what you need to do to progress, not more.”. Here are some quick tips to help you stay the course and be safe:

– Take Your Time
– Have Holidays
– Enjoy Training
– Hire a Coach
– Admire, Never Aspire (you’re you, you’re not someone else, don’t try and be anyone else because you’re you, not them)

If you want a good place to start your fitness journey here are two great places for both guys and girls (ladies you need to lift, men you need to do cardio. lift weights 3xper week and do moderate CV twice per week and you’ll make great progress):

– Reg Parks 5×5 Routine*
– Pavels Power to the People*

*CV – Learn about energy systems and how the body works, that way you can create a CV workout that suits you:

Enjoy your training and remember that staying happy is the number one priority.


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