Crafty Calories

When it comes to losing excess fat there are some calories that find their way in to your diet without you even being aware, crafty little devils.
Here is a list of 3 of the most common was calories creep in to your diet unknowingly and sabotage your results.
– Coffee Drinks (lattes, mocha style drinks, they all have hidden calories, even the ‘skinny’ versions)
– Healthy Snack Bars (yep, often around 200+ calories a piece and often easy to eat the entire pack in one sitting)
– Smoothies (Store bought are around 300+ calories per bottle and home made ones occasionally higher)
– Protein Shakes/Supplements (while good post workout they do have the double edged blade of high calories)
– Nuts (a bag can easily have you conquer 500 calories in record time)
The only way to ensure a negative energy balance is to track your nutrition, exercise and daily activity. Your results will be easy to see by taking a look in the mirror.
Getting Leaner = Caloric Deficit
Getting Softer = Caloric Surplus

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