3 Tips to Improve Portion Control

Portion control, do you do it?

When we look at nutrition from a basic standpoint a lot of people simply eat too much and a major factor is not the food choice, oh no, it’s how much they eat at each sitting.

Here are 3 tips to help you improve your portion control:

1 – Buy Smaller Plates

In the modern world there seems to be the mindset of ‘bigger is better’ and while in some aspects this is good, when it comes to food on a plate it will do no favours for your waist line. Buying smaller plates will help you control how much you eat each meal.

2 – Hands On Measuring

This little gem is one of Precision Nutritions brain children, it allows each individual to create meals with specific portions based on their own hand size. Here is how it works:

*For each meal, ladies use one hand and men use two

– Protein = Hand or Fist
– Starchy Carbs = Clenched Fist
– Veg = Open Hand (Fingers and thumb together)
– Fats = Thumb Size

3 – Cook Only What You Need

Perhaps this sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised how many times we cook too much and then simply eat the extra to avoid wasting it, thus leading to excessive calories eaten and us feeling bloated and stuffed (we eat past the point of full/almost full). Try to get in to the habit of only cooking what you need, the old saying of “Eyes bigger than your belly.” comes to mind.

Bonus – Chew Your Food

This might sound like common sense but there are plenty of occasions where people don’t chew their food properly and simply sling it down their gullet. Making sure you chew your food for say 15+ times each mouthful will help you slow down your eating pace and help you listen to your body, thus knowing when you’re coming up to being almost full to full.

There you have it. Three simple tips to help you control your portion sizes and a bonus one to improve your mental connection with your individual Biofeedback.

Enjoy, Ross


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