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Progressing Much?

When you plan your workouts do you think about how you’re going to have them progress or do you go in blind?
A few days back we spoke about what we all do, who follows a plan and who doesn’t. What I want to know to day is how you actually progress.
Do you progress the Volume, Intensity or Density of your workout?
– Volume = How many reps/sets
– Intensity = % of 1RM used
– Density = How much done in specific time (work capacity)
Which of the below applies to you?
Simple single progression – 3×8, once reps hit add weight. This is typically an intensity increase as the reps stay the same (linear progression, usually a beginner).
Double progression – 3×8-12, once 3×8 hit, add a rep(s) & work towards 1×10,2×8 and so on until you hit 3×12 and then add weight. You’re now progressing volume long before intensity, good for intermediate lifters.
Triple progression – 3-5x8x12, hit all minimum reps on 3 sets then add reps and hit all higher reps on 3 sets before adding a set and starting back again so you’re not doing 4×8-12 before hitting that target and moving on to 5×12 before adding any weight. This is the same as above but usually used by advanced lifters.
Increasing Volume or Intensity is easy and because of that people often forget about increasing their Density of each workout. The best way to do this is by using one of two methods:
1 – Reps/Sets/Weight stay the same but your rest periods decrease
2 – Weight/Rest Stays the same but your sets drop and your reps increase but the volume stays the same (so 5x3x100kg progresses to 3x5x100kg, the volume is the same but you’re now doing the same amount of work in less sets, thus an increase in work capacity).
Take some time and look at your program. how is it progressing? Or more importantly, is it even progressing at all…

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