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Morning All,

What does training mean to you?

Is it a means to an end? 
A chore that has to be done so you can preserve some small self love?
Perhaps it’s a routine that you couldn’t be without?

Regardless of what it is to you there are three things that it must also be, kind of like sub categories.

1 – Effective (achieving required stimulus for progression).

Training should’t just be exercise to get hot and sweaty, you can lay in the sun and do that but it doesn’t mean you’re going to get a result does it. Unless your goal is a cracking tan (Y). Many people simply go through the motions and that is why they never look any better than they currently do.

Remember; Chase Performance, Not Fatigue.

2 – Specific (keep the goal the goal).

Your training should reflect your goal. If you want to build muscle and run 10k every day then you will only find frustration and lose motivation.

3 – Enjoyable (have fun).

Enjoyable does not mean easy or only doing what you want to do, it means you enjoy your training because typically it is getting results. Be sure to have a program that fits this.

If your training does not have these three subcategories then I suggest you get yourself a coach who understands your needs and puts together one that does.


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