Be Liked.

Morning All,

I have some advice for the other coaches/trainers who are kind enough to read my humble musings form time to time. It’s something I’ve learnt and while it should be common sense it really isn’t.

What is it you ask… It’s pretty much the most important step in getting people to change their minds. You ready for it?

People must LIKE you.

Yep. It’s that simple, however a lot of coaches/trainers don’t do it and because of this they end up locked in ego battles with people and as a result lose business and also respect. I have fallen victim to this on several occasions and can tell you it only causes problems int he long run.

How can you get around this? All you have to do is take a step back when you’re in a conversation and ask yourself what you would require for your opinions to change. The first part is often to be listed too and not spoken over, basically given some respect.

If you focus on getting people to like and respect your first and foremost your will be in the best position to influence and help them. There is no prize for being the bigger ass hole, if there was I’d have several by now.


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