Bin The Burden

Ditch the digits, the do nothing but hold you back and subject you to a false logic of societal acceptance which is purely subjective to an individual persons bias.
    Don’t confuse someones personal bias with the truth, they are two very different things.
    The days of constant weighing of ones self use to be a trait mostly held by woman but it seems that it has also taken hold of its fair share of men in this modern world too. Woman want to have smaller numbers on the scales and men want to have higher ones, yet both don’t do what they need to do to appease this mental barrier.
    Medical issues aside, men typically say they can’t gain weight, this usually means they don’t eat enough, for woman it’s the opposite, t hey can’t lose weight because they eat too much, sorry to say it but the blame lies with you on that one, however… A number on the scale means very little if your goal is to look better, it just seems that by backwards logic people have unfortunately created an emotional anchor to achieving a certain number on the scales and until they hit it they won’t be happy.
    What madness.
    I will tell you what happens when you do hit the ‘magic’ number, nothing. You still feel empty and that something is missing because 9/10 times people don’t look good because a number does not equate to health, strength or aesthetics. This is truth. Unless you’re a competitive athlete who competes in weight restricted categories there is no need to be neurotic with the numbers on the scale.
    While tracking numbers is a great way to show progress it can lead to problems, for most people before and after pictures are a far better avenue to go down. There is nothing more frustrating than people who make progress then have a spaz attack because they’ve gains a few lbs on the scales (usually lean tissue, which is good), despite perhaps losing a dress size or revealing their abs, they still run to the treadmill scared they will get fat.
    Get a grip people! You’re more than a number and I can tel you from experience that no number on the scale will every really make you happy, only looking how you want to look and feeling happy about how you look will do that. Low or high numbers on the scales mean nothing if you have poor body composition.
    I have something I want you to do now, it will be very hard but one day you will thank me. Are you ready for the life changing task I am about to give you? Okay, here we go…
    Focus on inches lost, muscle gained and how you look, not how much you weigh.
Enjoy, Ross

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