Rest for Gains

Rest periods, how long do you take and how does it effect your gains?
    The question of how long to rest between sets has been around for years, I feel it will be around for many more years to come as well. While the rational answers are easily concluded by common sense (short rest periods if hypertrophy is the goal due to low % of 1RM, where as up to 5min in maximal strength/power training), however the amount of rest taken can have a rather interesting effect on hormonal responses.
    I remember reading about the influence on hormones that rest periods had and dig a fair bit of digging, while this was some time ago I thought it would be good to share some of this info as I was chatting about this topic with a young lady who lifts earlier today and it was new info to her.
    Here is the simple breakdown of what I’ve concluded according to the data I have looked at.
– Rest Under 60 Seconds = More increase in GH production.
– Rest 90-120 Seconds = More increase in T (more so than <60, though there was an increase in that rest time as well in terms of T, just not as much).
– Rest >120 Seconds = Less cortisol produced.

Men –

    What are your rest periods?

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