Starting Points

Morning Guys,
    It’s very common for people these days to spend money on the latest new supplement and alleged miracle food and sadly rare that they will spend money on good old fashion whole foods.
    Sad times.
    I had a young lad (16 years old) approach me in a gym the other day and ask me what supplements he should take. After I explained the importance of whole foods, eating in a caloric surplus and how he can achieve that through said foods, he simply wandered over to several different gym bro’s and kept asking the same question until he got the answer he wanted, rather than the one he needed.
    There is a common problem surrounding the fitness industry, it’s called bullshit and plenty would rather believe that than accept the fact that there is no magic pill and they simply need to knuckle down and get the basics right. After all, the basics are what drives everything forwards, they create the foundation and as you all know, without a solid foundation you can’t build anything decent.
    Here are the basics I suggest for most people:
– Establish your specific goal
– Establish a calorie surplus or deficit to achieve said goal
– Eat more whole foods
– Train with large compound movements for 80% of your training
– Be consistent
– Train smart
– Leave your ego at the door
    There is nothing really scientific about them, although you can look in to the science of each if you so wish. So long as you want to learn what you need and see answers to help you, rather than simply agree with you, you’ll make progress.

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